We both grew up in Southern Ontario and had mutual friends, but didn't meet until we were living in Vancouver (see more on that below). We got married at 23 and lived the west coast life together for 8 years. We moved to Thunder Bay in 2017 to be closer to family and find our dream property in the country (Still looking for it). We have two dogs, one big and one small. Our daughter Henrietta (aka Hattie) was born 2 months before our 10th anniversary, and she's our world.

We're Meg + Jon Elrick; partners in life, business and crime.
(Jk! There's no crime!)
We can't wait to get to know you better. Let's be friends!!

We are


I'm the "boss" of Cascades (that's right, Jon works for me!) I went to college at Fanshawe for Television Broadcasting and then moved out west for film school at Capilano University. I started shooting wedding cinematography and photography in Vancouver in 2010. I've worked as a professional video editor, and spent plenty of time working on film sets in Vancouver. (I was even a professional background actor for a few years).

Hello I'm Megan Elrick

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I learned everything I know about photo and video from Megan and YouTube. I actually went to school for Mechanical Engineering, but I love the Cascades team more. I started out as an assistant at weddings, keeping batteries charged and memory cards clear. Since then I gradually got more involved, learning about cameras, shooting techniques, and audio editing, I love being a part of wedding days, shooting alongside Megan and the team. I use my musical talent and sound recording experience to make sure the audio in the videos you receive is of the highest standard. I'm also a generous giver of comedic relief on your wedding day.

and i'm
Jon Elrick

No joke! Jon had just moved to Vancouver and Megan's roommate, who was Jon's high school friend, invited him to a party at their house. Jon showed up and was informed this was a "Valentine's Day No Pants Party" (you had to wear anything but pants or a skirt - toga, loin cloth, a box, just your boxers, etc.) and he wasn't allowed in unless he took his pants off. He reluctantly obliged, and the first time Jon laid eyes on Megan, she was sliding across the floor dressed like Tom Cruise from that iconic scene in Risky Business.
It was, of course, love at first slide!

we met with no pants

it started when

I love to tinker and work with anything mechanical, and build stuff Megan wants in my shop. I learn basically everything I know from YouTube, including following along with an entire helicopter flight course.  I love snowboarding the mountains of BC. I'm a drummer, and love music (In another life I would have been a music producer for sure). I eat a giant bowl of cereal every night.



I've been a snowboarder for 20+ years. I love yoga, lattes, tequila and bookstores, but I hate shopping . I watch far too much Netflix and love movies (basically, anything from a good rom-com to artsy-fartsy to scifi). I'm a dual-citizen Canadian + American. I've always been a tiny bit of a rebel, and have always loved to break the norm...
Smash the patriarchy! 






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