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My photography and cinematography styles combine candid photojournalism and breathtaking, stylized portrait sessions to tell your story organically with a timeless film-like editing aesthetic.

I want you to relax, and just be you. Your experience is just as important as your images. I focus on capturing genuine moments and emotions.

I want to portray each and every couple and family the way they react to each other naturally. I want you to feel normal, and never like you’re in a stiff pose. Photographing people is about love, laughter, and all ‘The Feels’. I strive to capture that true connection and closeness.


I grew up in Southern Ontario, and spent most of my childhood behind a camera.

After living in Vancouver, BC for over 10 years, my husband and I decided to join my sister and parents in Thunder Bay. We’re excited about our new home and enjoying the Northern Ontario scenery and change of pace.

My life consists of hanging out with the loves of my life (my husband, Jon, and our fur-babies), snowboarding in Whistler, hopping down to Toronto to go to concerts, travelling, getting involved in our church community, sweating my butt off in yoga, and exploring local trails, eateries, community events, and festivals. I’m latte obsessed, and a bit of a wino. I love my family, movies, and art. I hate ‘shopping’, so I buy pretty much everything online; except books! (I could waste hours in bookstores.) I wear grey-scale clothing 90% of the time, and change up my hair almost every other month. I watch far too much Netflix, and binge watch almost every Sci-fi show I can sink my teeth into.

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