Wide eyed and staring at me the whole time.. I was not used to this. I said to his mom Kate, “He’s just taking it all in!” She reminded me that I’m used to shooting week old newborns.

      And she was right…. it is truly incredible how fast babies change, and how even just 2 weeks can make a difference.

      I had SUCH a great time with this family. They were so lovely and easy to talk with. We definitely had some fun capturing these photos of Connor.

      2016-02-11_0001 2016-02-11_0002 2016-02-11_0003 2016-02-11_0004 2016-02-11_0005

      These photos were all just taken in their living room in front of their white drapes.

      3 week old babies are not as malleable as newborns, so even though Kate wanted a froggy legged newborn posed baby, Connor was just too wide awake, too squirmy and too strong to get him in that position. We opted from some cozy shots on his back instead.
      All the photos in baskets and in the champagne bucket, mom was right out of frame to match sure Connor didn’t accidentally squirm out of the basket and onto the floor.

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