Brix + Mortar Wedding in Vancouver, BC | Danielle + Benny | Cascades Photo + Video

      To sum up Danielle + Benny’s wedding it was a November, night-time, alternative, yet traditional celebration of best friends getting hitched! The two of them have infectious smiles and I couldn’t get enough of their carefree, love-hard and to the fullest attitude.

      As a wedding photographer, sometimes you meet a couple that you can tell immediately you’re going to click with and become a little bit more than just their photographer, and Dani + Benny was one of those couples (Benny even tattooed me and my sister a few months after the wedding!) and I hope that we’ll be able to reconnect one day again soon!

      Danielle says she still watches this video almost every night, which probably the sweetest thing a bride’s ever told me about their wedding film. <3


      Behind the Scenes