Exploring the Whistler Train Wreck | Cascades Photo + Video

      I first discovered the Whistler Train Wreck when it was technically not legal to get to it (you had to cross some train track to get there) on my 5th-anniversary photo shoot. A fellow photographer had posted photos from there, and I just HAD to go there myself. It was an incredible adventure, and one that I was so happy to have shared with Jon, and my photog partner and friend Jamie. It was a haunting and beautiful location.

      So when my (stupidly talented) friend Melissa of Bake Photography asked me and a few of her other photog friends (who are all also so talented and IG famous, and totally out of my league) to go on a location scout with her, I jumped at the chance!

      I loved getting to know the other ladies, and even got literally lost in the woods with Darby and Wendy, stumbled upon a waterfall, and then had to traipse through knee-high snow to find our way back to the road.



      […] We went to Stanley Park to look for the oldest, biggest trees we could find, went snowboarding at Mnt. Seymour on Ladies Night, baked banana muffins, and took a day trip up the sea to sky highway so I could show her the Whistler Train Wreck. […]