Exploring YVR with my sister | Cascades Photo + Video

      My sister, Elisa, is finishing up Law school at the University of Manitoba, and after begging her for about 3 years she finally decided to spend her reading week with me in Vancouver.

      We fought all the time as kids, and have only recently become good friends, so this was a super important visit for me. Since I moved out west 11 years ago, when Elisa was only 15, we’d only spent a handful of time together, and of that handful of times, it’d been at family functions and rarely just the two of us spending quality time together.

      We went to Stanley Park to look for the oldest, biggest trees we could find, went snowboarding at Mnt. Seymour on Ladies Night, baked banana muffins, and took a day trip up the sea to sky highway so I could show her the Whistler Train Wreck.

      It was a great week, and one I will never forget!


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