Swaneset Fall Wedding Photography & Cinematography | Kristine & Blair | Cascades Photo + Video

      At Family Creative Imagery, we LOVE it when a bride & groom agrees to a first look. Plus, this beautiful couple’s Swaneset Fall wedding had AH-mazing views for that perfect moment. I was super excited about doing a first look with Kristine & Blair.

      But, with excitement comes a little stress, especially when the weather forecast didn’t look good on the morning of the wedding day. It was rainy and blustery. Forecasters were even calling for potential power outages – Ack!

      When we arrived, it was still raining – so we crossed our fingers and went inside. From inside, you can see the scenery is epic with gorgeous mountains, fall colours and beautiful bridges and walkways. It was the perfect place for a first look. We ventured outside with Blair and several umbrellas.

      Suddenly the rain stopped. We put down the umbrellas and Kristine arrived.

      Side note…what made this moment so very cute, was the fact that Kristine was so nervous in getting ready that she almost never cracked a smile.

      Blair awaited his beautiful bride on the gorgeous bridge, and when he turned to see Kristine the most incredible joy came across her face. Whatever anxiousness she had was gone in an instant –  melted away by her favourite person. I was freaking out inside for them.

      We spent a little more time outside capturing the wedding party and the beautiful Chateau and gardens of Swaneset. I just loved those amazing little moments outside, but of course there was more to the day. We hurried inside, then Kristine and Blair hid while guests arrived for the ceremony.

      The décor was fantastic! The Wedding Design Studio filled the room with beautiful details that playfully followed a fall colour theme. And, OMG the flowers were soooo good with dark purple dahlias, orange roses and deep pink calla lilies.

      Once everyone gathered, the ceremony began. It was beautiful. The Minister read the lyrics of “I will be here,” by Stephen Curtis Chapman. Considering the fall theme, the last verse was perfect:

      I will be true to the promise I have made
      To you and to the One who gave you to me
      And just as sure as seasons are made for change
      Our lifetimes are made for years
      So I… I will be here
      We’ll be together
      I will be here

      Luckily the ceremony was inside. The weather had turned unfriendly again, so I got out my flashes and prepared to have fun with “studio” lighting on the grand hallway’s staircase. While moving around to see various angles for the indoor shots, I realized how beautiful Kristine’s gown was from above, so we just had to go outside for a garden staircase “runaway bride” look.

      I was stoked to watch this couple do the shoe game. They had their entire family in stitches. It was awesome! Kristine & Blair had also prepared for their first dance in a very special way – they took ballroom dancing lessons. It was so cute to see them perform a wonderful choreographed routine. I think good moves run in the family because the father-daughter dance was also awesome. In fact, everyone enjoyed dancing the rest of the night away.

      If you want to know more about why Family Creative Imagery loves first looks, then head over to “5 reasons first looks are awesome”. We’re booking for 2017/2018 Weddings, and we’d love it if you called us to take part in the planning stages. That way we can ensure the best timing for your first look.

      Huge thank you to the amazing creative team who worked alongside us to help make this day as magical as it was!



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