We started off our False Creek Engagement Photography session (aka our Love & Adventure session) with Chelsea and Dave at Sunset Beach. After spending some time in at Sunset Beach in the early morning sun, we headed over to False Creek for part 2 of the day. We grabbed some Terra Breads, and then explored Olympic Village and Hinge Park. Finally the day finished off with Chelsea and Dave waving goodbye from an AquaBus ride.

      The night before their Love & Adventure session, both Chelsea and Dave had worked late. Chelsea was up past midnight and we made them get up at the crack of dawn for their photo session! With their thermos of tea in hand, they were such troopers and were stoked for the day we had planned!

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      Dave and Chelsea met through Chelsea’s older sister. Dave had come over to help Chelsea’s sister pack for a camping trip, and Chelsea noticed him right away! He was cute and older, but disappointingly was taken.

      After having a crush on him for years, Dave finally became available!! A bunch of friends were getting together for some drinks, and Chelsea found out Dave was going to be there, so she, decided to make her move! Dave noticed her walking across the dance floor towards the group, and the first thing he said to her was, “Are you old enough be in here?!”

      Regardless of her age, Dave fell for Chelsea pretty quickly, and their first date was one right out of storybook. They went kayaking around Rocky Point Park for a couple hours followed by a drive out to Second Beach for a romantic picnic dinner at sunset. They were enjoying their food and the sunset, when all of a sudden people started gathering on the beach right near them and started drumming, singing and dancing! It was just like an episode of the Bachelorette!

      Dave and Chelsea are easy going and adventurous. They love going for walks around Rocky Point Park, and playing sports, and spending their evenings playing Yahtzee and drinking wine.

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      Thanks Chelsea & Dave for being awesome and keen to do whatever we suggested! We hope you had as much fun as we did!!



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