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      Creating an Heirloom

      Just over a decade ago, everyone had albums and prints. It was the culmination of all wonderful memories from birthday parties, vacations, and the every day; and it was presented in a book that tells a family’s story for a lifetime.

      One of my fondest memories is looking through a photo album with my grandmother. She had gone legally blind when I was young, and could faintly make out shapes if she looked closely enough with a magnifying glass. As we flipped through each page; my grandfather as a teenager, my grandparents wedding photo, photos of my mother as a baby… my Grandma recounted each story of when and where and why the photos were taken.

      I believe wholeheartedly that prints and albums are the most meaningful keepsakes for a family, and for future generations to come.

      Let’s get our photos off our device and into our life!

      I am 100% guilty of not getting albums or photos printed. I am well intentioned, and say I’m going to, but it never gets done!

      Are you in this same boat? I have a professional photo session, or take photos of my family, and I think to myself, ‘I’m going to put this in a photo book!’… and it just never gets done.

      Don’t let your photos die on your phone!


      Because the album and artwork process can be a little challenging for busy families like yourselves, Cascades provides full album design services and complimentary In-Home Idea Sessions on request.

      For some inspiration on how to start a beautiful collection of custom art that tells your story and lasts a lifetime check out

      The end result is stunning works of art that will be a step above anything you could order for yourself online; a professionally designed keepsake for decades of enjoyment.