Fort Langley Wedding Photography - Sam & Danielle | Cascades Photo + Video

      In planning this loving couple’s Fort Langley Wedding Photography, I got to know a lot more about them. I know Sam through church. He is a wonderful guy, who was looking for Miss Right. So, I was thrilled when I heard that he met Danielle on Christian Café.

      The New Westminster Engagement Photography Session was great because Danielle and Sam were able to get out of their comfort zone and relax in front of my camera. So, on their wedding day, they were comfortable enough that I could capture a few candid moments.

      Danielle looked stunning in her wedding gown. With soft light through her dressing room window, we captured a few amazing moments. Sam was stoked when he saw the images, because he was so passionate about hiring his favourite photographer. In fact, he wouldn’t back down on the photography package, and pushed to cut back the budget in other areas. He’s such a romantic.

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      I love a DIY wedding day. Sam and Danielle planned a beautiful day with wonderful wedding details prepared by them and their loved ones. As a natural light photographer, I generally use ambient lighting within the venue to capture the wedding ceremony, however at this church they staged wedding ceremonies with a spotlight on the bride and groom, which required me to get creative with studio lighting.


      It was a scorcher of a day, but thankfully the church was air conditioned for the family and ceremony photographs. However, we ventured outside to Brae Island Regional Park for the bridal party photography session. The sun was high in the sky, because it was an early day wedding. It was tough, but we made it through with goals of hitting up Planet Java Fifties Café for a little ice cream.

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      On the way to the reception at the Fort Langley Golf Course, we captured a few more photos in a random field near Billy Brown Road.

      fort-langley-wedding-sam-_-danielle-27 fort-langley-wedding-sam-_-danielle-28 fort-langley-wedding-sam-_-danielle-29 fort-langley-wedding-sam-_-danielle-30

      I consider myself a pretty tough woman, but ceremonies and reception speeches always seem to well me up. It’s an amazing thing to hear the bride and groom share their vows and later have family and friends share their good wishes. I feel blessed to have been there.

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      I stay in touch with Sam and Danielle, as he and I chat about politics through Facebook. And, I get updates on what they’ve been up to. At Family Creative Imagery, we love the idea of carrying on as their family photographers and building a lasting relationship. Seeing a love story blossom is one of my favourite things.



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