Why should I get a wedding video?

As an often overlooked aspect of your wedding day and budget, we believe cinematography is one of the most important investments you can make for your wedding.

Imagine your 5th wedding anniversary, you pour yourself a glass of wine and pull out your wedding video. As you hear yourselves exchanging your vows again, tears of joy run down your cheek, and that love you felt for your partner on your wedding day is rekindled.

Imagine 55 years from now, your grandchildren are exploring your attic, and looking at all of their grandparents antique relics. They pull out an iPhone 5, an IKEA lamp, a set of DVDs… and then they find grandma & grandpas wedding film. How incredible would it be for your family to be able to see you, young and vivacious and in love?! Seeing their grandparents giving their great-great-grandmother a hug. Seeing the tears of joy and laughter in their grandparents eyes as the Best Man tells a story about when their grandfather was a teenager. Your wedding film captures all of that emotion in motion.


Summer Wedding Day Coverage starts at $3199 for 8 hours and 2 cinematographers.

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