Indian Summer Wedding at Urban Abbey - Miriam + Darryl | Cascades Photo + Video

      Miriam was raised in India, so having an Indian summer inspired wedding was so fitting. This wedding had some mixed traditions, but at the same time they didn’t care about the rules, and just threw them out the window. Miriam even ecstatically embraced the thunder storm that rolled in during their photo session time. There was no formal reception entrance. Dinner was a vegetarian potluck. Speeches were nonchalant. Miriam’s white dress was $20 at a thrift store. They told me that they were most excited about all their family and friends being in the same place at the same time and getting to spend time with all their biological and chosen family¬†ūüíē¬†I love it when couples say “eff it” to the typically North American wedding etiquette – so I basically I loved every minute of this wedding. I feel so blessed to have been chosen by Miriam + Darryl to be part or their wedding day. PS. They both changed their last names to a whole new combined version, which is hella cool! (Layden + Dunn = Laydunn)


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