Lonsdale Quay Engagement Photography | Winnie & Danny | Cascades Photo + Video

      Not every engagement photography session starts with craft beer and a yummy dish. But, this one sure did. We call it a Love & Adventure session, because we do engagement photography a little different…

      Let me go back a little and share this couple’s story. I prepped Danny and Winnie for their spring session knowing that Vancouver weather can be a bit iffy. On the morning of their session, it was turning out to be a wonderful day with the sun peeking from behind a few clouds.

      We met at the Bean Around the World at Lonsdale Quay and shared a quick chat, and then headed out the door toward the pier. Suddenly, those seemingly harmless clouds started dumping water. This wasn’t your typical Vancouver drizzle. I’ve never seen a torrential downpour like this in the 10 years I’ve lived here. We took shelter under a canopy, and giggled at the surprise of it all. As the rain pelted the canopy, it made this unbelievable roar. Shouting over the noise, we formulated a new plan—craft beers and dinner.

      north-vancouver-engagement-photography-1-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-2-lonsdale-quay

      Tap and Barrel warmed us up and dried us off, so when the rain slowed we hit the pier and Shipbuilder’s Square for a romantic stroll. Winnie was adorable. She is a laid-back and easy going bride-to-be. She rarely wears full make-up, but that day she was giving her wedding day make-up by All Dolled Up a trial run. It was worth it for Winnie, as she soon found out what it was like to wear false lashes for a day.

      Now, Winnie is not traditional. In fact, she insisted that her hand remain diamond free. And, Danny told me that this had thrown him for a loop. He had already been thinking about his purchase. He knew that he needed something special to symbolize his love for Winnie.

      north-vancouver-engagement-photography-3-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-4-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-5-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-6-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-7-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-8-lonsdale-quay

      Danny’s proposal was unique. And he tells his story in a way that any huge Star Wars fan would—with fanfare. Yes, his marriage proposal had a theme! He got down on one knee with a custom lightsaber – hilt in one hand and said, “Winnie, I love you with all of my heart. Join me and together we can rule the galaxy as Wife and Husband. Will you marry me?”

      I knew that saber meant as much to Winnie, as a diamond ring means to most girls. So, we hid out in a darkened stairwell with the lightsaber to create a few images that will have a lifetime of meaning to them. Motorcycles were also a big part of their Love and Adventure session, but we saved that part of the engagement series for a drier day.

      north-vancouver-engagement-photography-9-lonsdale-quay north-vancouver-engagement-photography-10-lonsdale-quay

      Danny and Winnie met on a motorcycle ride, so I had to capture their love for riding together in part 2 of the session. A couple of months later, we toured Caulfield Park and Tiddley Cove to find the perfect place for them to connect. Winnie’s giggles, brought on by Danny’s romantic gestures, are something that I’ll never forget. Ahh, LOVE!

      west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-1 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-2 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-3 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-4 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-5 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-6 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-7 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-9 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-10 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-11 west-vancouver-engagement-photography-caulfield-park-12




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