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      Our very own assistant Nicole got married this spring! And of course we got to shoot it.


      After just 3 short months of planning, and lots of help from Nicole’s Auntie in Revelstoke, they pulled of one of the most intimate and quaint weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. They had no official bridal party, but everything was DIY and brought together by family and friends.

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      Nicole has a lot of family in northern BC, and Adam is from England, where a lot of his family still resides as well. As such, not many family members could make it to their wedding, but they wirelessly streamed the ceremony from an iPhone. (Technology is so effing amazing!)

      The ceremony was held at Thirty Foot Pool, where Adam proposed to Nicole the previous fall.
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      After the ceremony everyone walked back to the picnic area, where again friends and family set up the most charming refreshments area. Everyone mingled and ate the amazing homemade refreshments. It was simple and sweet, and just what Nicole & Adam wanted.



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