The great thing about shooting multicultural wedding photography is that we get to have experiences that we might not of had otherwise! I love that Canada is so multicultural, and I love the way that so many couples integrate each of their families into their weddings.

      Part 1 of Neela & Mike’s wedding started with a traditional Hindu ceremony.

      We arrived at an address that is suppose to be the Temple where Neela & Mike are going to have their Hindu wedding ceremony (the day before they were having their golf & country club wedding, but that’s another post), and it was just a house. I double check google maps. I triple check our online questionnaire… and, yup this was definitely the address.

      We pull in around back where there is an empty parking lot. Feeling incredibly unsure and awkward, we start to unload our gear. Thankful more confused white people started to pull into the parking lot… thank goodness we’re all in the right spot!!

      Vancouver Multicultural Wedding PhotographyVancouver Multicultural Wedding PhotographyVancouver Multicultural Wedding PhotographyVancouver Multicultural Wedding Photography

      No one, except Neela’s parents (and of course the priests), really knew what they were doing, but the Hindu priests were really accommodating and actually really funny!

      After the official ceremony was complete, they played a hilarious game where Neela & Mike had to try and find a ring in the bucket. Whoever found the ring is said to be the one to “run the household”. The expressions in captured in their photo are priceless!

      Vancouver Multicultural Wedding PhotographyVancouver Hindu Wedding Photography_0028


      So if you for some reason are looking for a great place to have your little (like tiny!) Hindu wedding ceremony, these are your priests…

      Sri Murugh
      16680 River Road
      Richmond, BC, V6V 1L6


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