Ryan is one of my very oldest friends. We met at summer camp when were 12, and ended up working at that same camp when we were in high school for 3 summers together. So when he asked me to fly out to Ontario to shoot his wedding I was more then excited to!

      Thanks to his amazing now-wife, this wedding turned out phenomenally! All the details were there – from the bird seed ceremony exit to the luxury port-o-potties, and the hotel shuttle at the end of the night!!

      The girls got ready in a gorgeous log cabin on Acton Island that my mom would kill for!
      2016-02-11_0026 2016-02-11_0027 2016-02-11_0028 2016-02-11_0029 2016-02-11_0030

      Then we all shuttled to Brooklands Farm in Muskoka. The weather was drizzly, so the lawn ceremony was moved indoors… no big deal – still totally rustic and beautiful.

      2016-02-11_0031 2016-02-11_0032 2016-02-11_0033 2016-02-11_0034


      All their “florals” were really just a bunch of greenery and ferns.


      2016-02-11_0035 2016-02-11_0036 2016-02-11_0037 2016-02-11_0038 2016-02-11_0039 2016-02-11_0040 2016-02-11_0041 2016-02-11_0042 2016-02-11_0043 2016-02-11_0044 2016-02-11_0045 2016-02-11_0046 2016-02-11_0047

      The whole guest table was so well thought out from the photos of their dearly departed grandparents, the canoe paddle guest book, and so many other cute details.

      2016-02-11_0048 2016-02-11_0049 2016-02-11_0050 2016-02-11_0051

      And they had THE BEST newly wed entrance I’ve EVER seen! They got up on the head tables and line danced! It was so much fun!

      The party moved from the tent to the barn, where they have a boot stompin’ good time, and a food truck midnight snack.

      The night ended with a shuttle service that took everyone back to our hotels safe and sound.

      I’ve shot a lot of weddings in my career so far, and I think (maybe I’m bias cause I’ve know this couple for a long time, but) this was the best wedding I’ve been to so far! It’ll be hard to beat! 🙂

      2016-02-11_0052 2016-02-11_0053 2016-02-11_0054 2016-02-11_0055 2016-02-11_0056 2016-02-11_0057

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