My Family's Christmas Portraits | Cascades Photo + Video

      Being a photographer and going on and on to everyone else about how important it is to document your life, I decided to put my money where my mouth, so to speak, and have my own family photos done… by myself… on Christmas Day!

      This was the first Christmas in several years that my husband Jon and I were going to be with my family, and seeing as we had a new member, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos.

      I sent the entire family a Facebook group message informing them we were taking photos on Christmas day (they had no choice) and I showed them the colour palette I wanted them to wear (they had no choice). I picked a dark neutral colour palette of navy blue and black with a pop of dark burgundy to stand out against the snow. I told everyone to layer up and that hats and scarves were encouraged.

      Christmas morning, my dad and I did a quick location scout around the neighbourhood and found a spot that was a little sheltered from the wind and looked pretty. By the time we got back to the house, everyone was getting into their outfits. I proceeded to style each of them, and if I must say so, they looked great! (My dad was very excited about getting to wear his new hat and scarf he got for Christmas)

      It was really cold, but I promised them we’d be done in 30 minutes, and they sucked it! I had bought a wireless remote trigger for myself, set up the camera on a tripod for all the photos I was in, and snapped away.