Hint after hint… when was he going to get it?! Aurora tried everything she could think of to get Kevin to ask her out. She flirted her heart out, but nothing. ‘Why is he so daft?!’ Finally at a party together, she just lost her patience, walked up to Kevin, and kissed him!

      Kevin finally got it! Aurora was in fact into him. A lot!

      He asked her out to sushi. They bonded over their love of animals (they practically own a zoo with 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas, 1 rat, and a Tarantula), nature walks and eating great food. The rest is history.

      Aurora & Kevin, you are truly magnetic! You make everyone you come in contact with feel loved, included, and cared for. Your genuine hearts can be felt by everyone around you. Thank you for the honour of documenting your first day as husband and wife, and I hope that you continue to grow those hearts together.

      2015-11-20_0001 2015-11-20_0002 2015-11-20_0003 2015-11-20_0004 2015-11-20_0005 2015-11-20_0006

      Aurora was calm and poised, but excited as she and her ladies got ready in the party room at her friend’s condo.

      2015-11-20_0007 2015-11-20_0010

      We headed out to New Westminster Quay by the River Market for Kevin and Aurora’s first look. Kevin was so excited to see Aurora that he just stood there a little stunned until Aurora said “kiss me!”

      2015-11-20_0011 2015-11-20_0014

      Kevin’s father owns a purple 1960s Impala that was used as the wedding day transportation. Top down in October – it was amazing!

      2015-11-20_0016 2015-11-20_0017

      The Centennial Lodge in Queens Park was decorated with simple greens that made the bridesmaid’s purple pop.

      2015-11-20_0018 2015-11-20_0020 2015-11-20_0021 2015-11-20_0023

      For their vows, Kevin and Aurora in unison said the vows from the movie Corpse Bride:

      “With this hand, I will lift your sorrows.

      Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine.

      With this candle, I will light your way in darkness.

      With this ring, I ask you to be mine.”

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