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      My long time friends and repeat clients Nicole and Adam asked me to do their North Vancouver maternity photography. Being a writer herself, I asked Nicole to give me her perspective on the whole experience. Here’s what she had to say:

      “I’m not sure what your experience with being pregnant in the dead head of summer has been, but for me, it included a lot of sweating, hiding in the shade and sitting directly in front of a fan sucking back smoothies. I’m certain that I resembled a beached whale yet when I look back on these maternity photos, all I can think is “dang girl, you were GLOWING!”


      A lot to do with Megan’s ability to not only make someone feel comfortable in front of a camera as well as her keen eye for capturing candid moments. What started out as a sticky, sweaty day ended up as a series of images that my little family will cherish forever.

      Our shoot began at Lynn Creek. Hidden just behind the MEC on Main Street in North Vancouver, it’s a perfect hideaway that’s close to washrooms – which makes it an ideal place for a very pregnant woman to get her photos taken. Initially we’d chosen the creek because the water levels would be perfect to splash around in and there is plenty of shade. God had his own plans that week.north-vancouver-maternity-photography-2

      During an insane heat wave, the water level in the creek dropped substantially. Megan took it in stride. She encouraged us to splash around a little bit to keep cool, and that is when she captured the photo of me ankle deep in water. Aside from a couple of our wedding photos (also shot by FCI, just FYI), this is one of my all-time favourite photos of myself.


      After a few more shots along the riverbed, we went back to our home to escape the heat and have a snack. I slipped into some comfier clothes, originally planning to put on another cute maternity outfit after having a small snack (read: gorge myself on half of a watermelon). Megan encouraged me to stay comfortable and just “do life” with Adam.


      My husband is a musician. Although he no longer plays in touring bands, our home is always filled with music. Throughout my pregnancy, there were two songs he started to learn for our baby. While we were discussing the next series of photos, he pulled out his guitar and started absent-mindedly strumming one of the songs and humming. I leaned back, relaxed, and as pregnant women often do – began to cry. Without bringing us out of our moment, Megan expertly began snapping photos of us. Astrid began to kick near the end of the song, Adam put his guitar down and leaned towards us to watch the movement.


      FCI has been my personal go to for everything photo related – our wedding, our maternity photos and all of our other family photos over the last five and a half years. Why? It’s simple – the team.

      Megan and Jaimie are not only incredibly professional, but they have always made the shoots fun, effortless, and beautiful. Their ability to find small details in everyday places are what make the photos they take magic. I look back on my maternity photos and feel like the most beautiful pregnant woman that ever existed – and I credit them for that.” – Nicole Mucci



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