Sea-to-Sky Engagement Photography Session - Kristine & Blair | Cascades Photo + Video

      After hearing that the Sea to Sky highway was a special place for these two, I just knew we needed to have a Squamish Engagement Photography Session!

      Kristine and Blair met on POF and they’re not ashamed to say so because it was such a perfect match! Blair was the first guy Kristine met online, and during their first date the sparks were flying! So much so that the first date lasted 12 hours!

      They met up in Fort Langley and walked around the Fort just chatting and getting to know each other. After a long walk they were both famished, so they decided to grab a bite to eat at the Fort Pub. By the end of lunch they were connecting so well that they did not want the date to end. Looking for an excuse to continue spending time together, they decided to go see the new Batman movie that was playing at the time. Afterwards Blair drove Kristine home, but she just couldn’t make herself get out of the car. They could both feel the connection was so strongly and immediately that they both knew this was going to be something special! It was there in the car at the end of their epic 12 hour first date that they shared their first kiss!

      Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-2_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-6_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-12_stamped

      After Kristine and Blair had spent a romantic night up at Whistler, they drove down to meet me at Shannon Falls for their Love & Adventure Session. We hopped a fenced, and scaled some rocks to grab these epic Shannon Falls shots. Kristine was such a trooper in her dress and Blair held her hand the whole time so she wouldn’t slip! After we exploring some of the trails around Shannon Falls, we decided to hop in the cars and find some more beautiful Sea to Sky scenery.

      Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-20_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-31_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-32_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-33_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-46_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-53_stamped

      We ended up pulling over at Porteau Cove, and with a low tide, wandered out on to the rocks. With the incredible views of Howe Sound, Anvil Island and Gambier in the background, it was an amazing spontaneous end to the photo session! Sometimes the best moments happen when you let the unexpected happen!

      Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-57_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-59_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-64_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-67_stamped Kristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-70_stampedKristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-76_stampedKristine_Blair_LoveAdventure-68_stamped

      Thank you Kristine & Blair for be so amazing and willing to jump in with both feet! You were a pleasure to photograph (I love how they turned out!) and I can’t wait for your wedding at Swaneset this fall! Fingers crossed for beautiful fall colours!



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