Style Guide for Family Sessions | Cascades Photo + Video


      Find a colour palette that you love and choose outfits that compliment each other without looking matchy-matchy. Opt for neutrals with a few pops of colour, or a softer palette that has different ranges in tone of the same shades. Stay away from ‘blue jeans and a white t-shirt’ for everyone or outfits that don’t allow personality. Avoid clothing and shoes with logos. The best shoes to wear don’t attract attention and are appropriate for the location and weather. Make sure that you’re not wearing new shoes that will end up giving you blisters by the end of the photo session.


      The best way to decided what to wear is for Mom to pick her outfit first and go from there. Pinterest boards are full of great ideas, but wear what makes you FEEL good. Whatever that go-to outfit you put on when you want to look great, but not too dressy, and makes you feel like a million bucks… wear that! Pick something that looks and feels like you, and then dress your kids to coordinate with you. We want everyone to look unique and portray their individual style, but don’t force your kids to wear something they hate. You will all look the best when you each feel comfortable.



      We are creating a memory of your favourite day. I want you to choose clothing that reflects who you are as a person and makes you feel beautiful and confident. The following are my personal recommendations and I am happy to help you select the best clothing for your session

      For women and girls:

      Long flowy dresses look great and can help create a feeling of movement and emotion in your images, but if you’re a jeans girl like me, add layers that move: like a flowy top or long wraps. Choose solid colous or timeless prints that compliment your skin tone. I also highly recommend wearing your hair down and keeping your nails a natural/nude tone.

      For men and boys:

      V neck t-shirts and button-ups in solid neutral colours with fitted shorts or pants look great, but I also love large plaid prints. Adding layers, like pullover sweaters, vests, and jackets add a lot. Guys haircuts should be done at least a week before the ses­sion so it doesn’t look like a brand new cut. Leave the baseball cap and sports watch at home.

      Final thoughts:

      These are by no means rules, and if you have more eclectic tastes and love lots of colour I en­courage you to put as much of your personality into your clothing selection as possible. Don’t forget about accessories. I love rings, scarves, beautiful long necklaces, and solid coloured hats of every kind.