July 1st for the past 3 years commemorated moving day for me. I moved from house to house to apartment to apartment, 3 years in a row. It sucked! And on top of all the moving, it was in the middle of Wedding season, and I was stressed out of my mind.

      This year was different. We didn’t move!!! It’s an amazing feeling staying in the same place for more then a year!

      And as part of my “Rejuvenation Summer”, my hubby and I went to Osoyoos (just learned this weekend it’s pronouced Uh-SOO-yoos), which is in a desert in BC.

      Did you know we have a desert 4 hours from Vancouver?? We do! And it’s awesome!

      The weather was HOT (37 degrees C one day), and the sky was clear blue. We had music, drinks and books! I made a few ‘gourmet’ meals. I booked us a surprise couples massage at a nearby resort. And we had an amazing extra-long Long weekend. My husband pointed out several times that we weren’t camping. I think if you’re sleeping in a tent and making your food outside, you’re camping… but it’s up for debate still.

      Anyways, this is a little photo diary of my weekend! Hope your long weekend was just as wonderful!

      2015-07-26_0002 2015-07-26_0003 2015-07-26_0004