From VAN to TBAY | Cascades Photo + Video

      Day 1. Vancouver to Golden, BC

      We started our last day living in North Vancouver by doing something I’ve always wanted to do; photograph the sunrise on Second Narrows Bridge.

      As expected, we didn’t end up leaving Vancouver until quite a bit later then we had anticipated. It was pitch black by the time we got to Golden.

      Day 2. Golden, BC to Medicine Hat, AB

      We made a stop at Lake Louise, which was packed full of Asian tourists. I wanted to go to Moraine Lake lookout, but they had closed the road because the parking lot was full… super annoying.

      Right as we passed the Saamis Tepee the sky was painted with an insane sunset.

      Day 3. Medicine Hat, AB to Wayburn SK

      As we pulled out of the city, the wind picked up, our roof rack started vibrating like crazy, and I thought it was going to rip right off the roof.

      We had to stop on the side of the highway to reorganize and re-distribute the weight in the roof rack.

      On the way, I insisted on a detour to “Big Muddy” which is apparently where the bandits and bootleggers used to hide in caves. We got there at magic hour, and it truly was magical! Not another car in sight, it was just us, the sunset and the Saskatoon badlands.

      Day 4. Wayburn SK to Winnipeg, MB

      It was just flat. Forever. We stopped in this random tiny little town on the way. The whole town was at the baseball field, and I photographed what looked like an abandoned and crumbling schoolhouse.

      We got to Winnipeg, where we met up with my sister who’s finishing up Law School. Our hotel wasn’t too far away from her house, so we walked over to meet her, and get a late dinner.

      Day 5. Winnipeg, MB to Thunder, ON

      The final leg of the journey, our pets were super anxious and tired of being in a car. It was a pretty stressful trip with a dog and cat, and we were all excited about finally getting to our destination, we made one stop in Dryden, but booked it to Tbay as quickly as we could.

      It was such a relief and super weird walking into our new house!