Wolf River Falls - Ryan + Zoé | Cascades Photo + Video

      Since moving to Thunder Bay, Wolf River Falls as been on my bucket list, so when Ryan emailed me to ask if I’d drive out there to take their pre-wedding photos I said “Hell yah!”. Turns out that Zoé and Ryan went camping at the top of the falls when they first started dating, so it was seriously, the perfect spot for their photos!

      Their kids came with them for the adventure, so I obviously had to get a family shot too!


      My friend Shya had come along for the adventure, so after Ryan and Zoé took off, we looked for a spot for our picnic dinner. We found an incredible spot right on the edge of Dorion Lake, and then we made a detour to check out Ouimet Canyon.


      Northwestern Ontario is astonishingly beautiful. Definitely check out these spots if you haven’t already. I’ll be back in late summer when the water flow dies down and you can actually swim up to the falls!


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