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Alouette Lake Engagement Photography | Danielle + Benny

Oct 10, 2016

At Family Creative Imagery, we like to collect our clients’ love stories before meeting up for their engagement photography (aka a Love and Adventure Session). It helps Jamie and I get a sense of what made them fall in love. Some stories are sweet or funny, and some bring joyful tears to our eyes. Before heading out to Maple Ridge for Dani and Benny’s Alouette Lake engagement photography session, I was reading their how-we-met-story, and it is just plain cool, like they deserve a high-five cool. 

As the story goes, Dani wanted to find an amazing tattoo artist to create a piece to memorialize her grandfather on the 5th Anniversary of his passing. Friends recommended I-Kandy, and she booked in with Benny. When Dani first sat in Benny’s tattoo chair, she couldn’t have possibly known that he would be the man she would eventually marry. But, she immediately realized that they had a connection.

Benny asked for her number. She went home to nurse her tattoo wounds and have a glass of wine. A few texts later, Benny came by–to help finish the bottle, I presume. Turns out he just never really left. That very night, Dani and Benny became inseparable.

Dani had tried to reach me about booking a session, then I tried to reach her. Eventually, we came to laugh at the telephone tag that we were playing. She explained that she works for West Jet, and was on a flight when my last call came through. I asked if she knew my good friend, Alison, who also works for West Jet, but is based in Toronto. I thought it was long shot, but she did know Alison. I couldn’t believe how quickly we bonded over this mutual friend. It was pretty exciting.

When the Love and Adventure session day finally arrived, Jamie and I drove out to Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park. I wanted to take advantage of the evening light, so we planned to meet at 7 pm (which seems late, but it was July). Jamie had never been to this stunning location, so we thought we’d use the time and space to get a few “behind the scenes” shots.

After about 20 minutes of entertaining ourselves, we realized Dani and Benny were nowhere in sight. I looked down at my cell – no bars. Jamie and I jumped in the car and started driving out of the park. We stopped when we found a small patch of service. As luck would have it, Dani and Benny found enough bars at the exact same moment.

With our directions, they found the lake. We were just in time for a sunset photography session. The sun was falling perfectly on the horizon. We even had time to get in the amazing photos of Dani and Benny on the rock. I love how it appears as an illusion, as if they could be miles from shore.

To make this last Alouette Lake engagement photography moment happen, Dani hiked up her dress and started walking toward the rock. She used a big stick to poke the soft ground in front of her, so she could find any drop offs before they found her. I got into the water too, skinny jeans and all. It was a shot that just couldn’t be missed. Besides, it would be hard to keep calling this a Love and Adventure Session, if there wasn’t a risky undertaking of some sort.


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