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Birkenhead Lake Camping Engagement Photography | Amy + Kris

Jul 26, 2017

Amy and Kris had made it pretty clear that they wanted camping engagement photography. They mentioned Birkenhead Lake but were worried that it was too far away. I assured them I was totally game to do the 4hr drive, and that I’d just bring my hubz, Jon,  along for the trip and we’d make a weekend out of it!

This was such a fun and unique Love + Adventure session because we ended up having not one but FIVE separately photo sessions.

Saturday morning we left nice and early and made it to Kris + Amy’s campsite just in time for some coffee. This was photo session #1; I captured Amy + Kris’ typical early morning camping routine of stoking a fire and enjoying a hot cup of coffee together with their dogs.

After coffee, Amy, Kris, Jon and I all went for a hike across Phelix Creek’s super sketchy bridge and up Goat Lookout. This was photo session #2; it was a 1km rough and steep trail almost. In the spring mountain goats may be seen on the cliffs above the campground. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any goats, but the view we did see was spectacular!

After we our hike Amy + Kris made us tacos for lunch. I put the camera away for a bit, and we all just hung out and enjoyed some drinks together.

As the sun was getting lower in the sky, Jon and I decided it was probably a good idea to get our campsite set up, so we went back to our campsite, ate dinner, and then met back up with Amy and Kris for photo session #3 on the beach.

After this evening session, Amy + Kris realized as the sun disappeared that they didn’t get any photos with the dogs. We decided we would do a take 2 in the morning.

With the little light left in the sky, Kris built a fire, and this was photo session #4; Amy + Kris got out the bevies and cards, and I got out the sparklers. Shooting in the dark without a flash, and only a video light was a real challenge. We all had a lot of fun with the sparklers.

The next morning, we all met up and again and took some more photos at the waterfront with the dogs.

All in all, it was a great camping trip, and Jon and I truly enjoyed spending the weekend with Amy + Kris!

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