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Boho Backyard Thunder Bay Wedding Photography | Kaitlyn + Andrew

Aug 25, 2020

Kaitlyn and Andrew’s wedding day is actual proof that when something is bound to happen, the entire universe conspires to make it happen. We didn’t think we’d be able to have an outdoor Thunder Bay wedding photography, as crazy storms were happening before the actual ceremony.

There were three instances of heavy downpour, and we were watching the radar all day to make sure we wouldn’t get rained out. Nonetheless, just in time for the couple’s boho backyard wedding, the rain stopped as if there were forces at work that wanted to keep their special day rain fee.

Their first look was so enchanting – it happened in an old cottage ruins found in the insanely gorgeous “backyard” of a family member, the exact location of their ceremony and reception. Andrew looked entirely smitten by how beautiful Kaitlyn was, and we were glad to be able to capture that. Also, the bride requested a first look with her father, who had not seen her in her dress yet. The bride and father’s first look was such an awesome and special moment to witness.

The concept of the couple’s celebration was a romantic modern boho backyard wedding that had a laid-back and relaxing vibe with a pleasing aesthetic to it. From the invitations made by their friend down to the couple’s furry ring bearer – their black dog named Rue, everything was well personalized to show what the couple cares about. The most memorable moment for us was the bride’s grandmother was their “Flower Granny”! It was indeed such a precious moment for them and definitely a sweet one to capture!

After their ceremony, they had an enjoyable lounge set up where their family and guest could hang out. Most of the decor used was from “Heirlooms Vintage Rentals,” a business eventually bought by Kaitlyn and Andrew a year after their wedding. This setup was also used for their cocktail reception, where everyone could have fun with games and drinks. They had their reception in a white and clear tent for that alfresco vibe. The rest of their day was a lively celebration of their love with great speeches, music, and lots and lots of dancing!

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Thunder Bay Wedding Photography + Cinematography

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