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We're a wife and husband photography and cinematography team that is super laid-back and loves working with fun, creative and adventurous spirited humans! 


Winter at Trow Bridge Falls is just as cool as the summer. The Sheils used their family photos in their Christmas cards which I helped them design and got printed in time to hand out for the holidays. 💡CASCADES TIP: If you want winter photos in time for the holidays, make sure that you schedule […]

The pandemic changed a lot of plans for most couples who wanted to tie the knot. This is why after a series of replanning, Brittany and Ben decided to get married intimately with just their family. A decision that made their celebration more awesome, as seen through our Thunder Bay wedding photography at Silver Islet. […]

WEDDING + FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN THUNDER BAY, ON Serving North Western Ontario, MN North Shore, GTA, YVR and Beyond. To book your Wedding Photography + Cinematography CLICK HERE. If you like what you see, please share!

Summer 2020 had some very special intimate wedding ceremonies that hold a special place in my heart. Brooke + Clayton’s was one of these. Having just moved to Thunder Bay school they wanted to start this season of their life as husband and wife. They snuck a few family members from out west to help […]

Kaitlyn and Andrew’s wedding day is actual proof that when something is bound to happen, the entire universe conspires to make it happen. We didn’t think we’d be able to have an outdoor Thunder Bay wedding photography, as crazy storms were happening before the actual ceremony. There were three instances of heavy downpour, and we […]

Since moving to Northwestern Ontario I have become obsessed with the summer lupins. They pop up everywhere and I knew that I had to do some family photography in the summer lupins! When The Giesbrechts and I settled on a field that happened to have lupins, I was on Cloud Nine (which just so happens […]

Personal Branding video and photos with Brianna Murray Thunder Bay Newborn Photographer. Watching a pro-baby-whisperer working was such a wonderful experience. Let us help you express your brand, passion and business to your ideal customer or client.  

If you live in Thunder Bay, you need to live for winter, or you won’t survive lol! When Michelle + Ben decided to not only embrace the winter but celebrate it, I was over the moon. It was so much fun to romp through the snow with them and their dog! 💡CASCADES TIP: If you’re […]

Dave and Linda’s wedding day was such a memorable experience. Not only because of how stoked everyone was to witness the couple tie the knot, but also because of how uniquely special it was. From their Thunder Bay wedding photography session down to their reception, everything had a subtle touch of uniqueness to it. The […]

If you live in Northwestern Ontario, you know just how magical a warm fall evening can be here! To capture that perfect evening through fall engagement photos was unreal! If you’re looking for similar photos, the best time is during Golden hour in early October. Golden hour is the hour before the sunsets or the […]

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